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Posted:  11-12-2015
Simulation of Modern Radar Systems using Pentek 78620A FPGA cards with the Giga-tronics GT-ASGM18A Advanced Signal Generator and GT-ASAM18A Advanced Signal AnalyzerSimulation of advanced radar system

Modern radar systems produce signals which are complex in nature with multiple Pulse Repetition Intervals or PRI’s different types of Modulation on Pulse (MOP) – as well as rapid changes in amplitude and frequency, including the effects of Doppler.

This paper describes a fully modular system – which is COTS (commercial Off the Shelf) – is highly reconfigurable and can be used to create emitters only for testing purposes or create and emulate radars of different types and operational/mission characteristics.

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Posted: 7-28-2015

Using an Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Threat Generation

Tektronix AWGAlmost any threat emitter – legacy or next generation AESA – can be realized using a combination of a modern Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) and a high speed integrated up-converting Advanced Signal Generator (ASG). This paper shows how to integrate the two instruments to generate appropriate waveforms then modify, amplitude, phase and frequency through 100 MHz to 18 GHz and give you the ability to create situations that can test specific ‘stress’ conditions using your latest waveform data at an appropriate Angle of Arrival (AOA) and power.

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Posted: 6-10-2014

Next Generation Threat Creation Using COTS EquipmentAdvanced Signal Generation System for EW Test

Fueled by the global adoption and application of AESA technology, the science of Electronic Warfare is rapidly evolving. As an engineer who needs to design test systems to emulate the latest threats you are challenged to do this not only with COTS hardware, but it must be able to generate a diverse set of threats and EW techniques – ranging from legacy deployed radars to the most advanced High Resolution SAR or Moving Target Indicator radars.

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Posted: 7-18-2014
High Performance Instrumentation RadarHigh Speed Frequency Synthesis

When you need to design or maintain a system for gathering parametric performance data on aircraft, projectiles, missiles, satellites and materials, a high performance instrumentation radar configuration is often required. If you are employing pulse-Doppler, wideband SAR, broadband pulses or other radar techniques, the workhorse of the system is usually a high speed frequency synthesizer.

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